Split in twos

Billboard Series, 2014

There are some photos that are best left to personal interpretation.

Or best left ignored.

Or best viewed alone.

Or best shared with friends.

Or best seen by strangers.

Or best appreciated drunk.

Or best taken at face value.

Or best presented without…
Billboard Series, 2014

6 thoughts on “Split in twos

  1. I love the colors in these photos, Cedric. The yellow against the blue sky is especially striking. The contrast between the signs and the sky is really graphic and interesting. Very nice!


    • —ned? True for all art, no? :)

      It’s a composite John. Five images of different parts of a fence surrounding a building site. I put them together like this to abstractly represent the high rise apartment building that will soon block out the sky. I’ve added a smaller version of the image so that it can be viewed on the screen without scrolling.


  2. You are going beyond photographed photographs, Cedric, and it works extraordinarily well here! The large image of course is made for slow scrolling, and this goes well with my laptop screen


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