The art of deception

A designer, a guitarist, a painter and a photographer walked into a bar.

No joke.

Well… except for where I refer to myself as a photographer but apart for that small deception this is just what happened recently. Four people walked into a bar for a beer and a chat. The thing about getting together with creative types is that the conversations are never boring and one thing about the conversations with this particular trio is that they invariably turn to art. Or the creation of art. Or the pursuit of art. Or whatever related to art. This particular time the designer brought up a video he saw about a magician who created an illusion using technology — three smart phones I think it was — and talked about the art of deception. That got us going about the connection between art and deception but I won’t bore you with a long wordy post. Instead I will leave you with the words from this particular magician which the designer copied down and which says everything I would have said. He just says it much more succinctly.

“Art is the greatest deception of all. Art is the deception that creates real emotion, a lie that creates a truth and when you give yourself over to that deception it becomes magic.” – Marco Tempest


UPDATE 18/1/12: Thanks to Nathan Katica for giving me the name of the magician so that I can finally attribute it correctly.